04 October 2008

Samadhi housing project

Up to 500,000 humans have been made homeless by the Tsunami disaster on the 26th December 2004 in Sri Lanka. After carrying out relief actions we have concentrated our efforts onto the reconstruction for the lasting support of the people affected.Already on the 19th January 2005 we have been able to start with the works to realise our master plan. The project comprises besides the construction of a 1,000 residential houses substantial measures for the upgrading of the infrastructure and further accompanying projects.For the first construction stage of our Samadhi housing project we have obtained 80 acres of land on the southeast coast in the Hambantota District from Sri Lanka government and we have been able to complete the first housing complex with fully-equipped houses in the village Uahapitagoda Gramasewa. Those houses have been donated to 300 Tsunami affected and destitute families with a total of 1200 family members on the 10th September 2005.In the meantime the building of the second and third stage has started. The parcel of land for the second construction stage is located in Bataata, Hungama and was donated by Cetiyagiri Viharaya. The third phase of the project will be created in Panama, Madakalapuwa. Those two construction stages are estimated to be completed in December 2006.We still ask you for your participation in this project, because substantial work still needs to be done. Please join us in helping the Tsunami victims, for that the persons affected will be put in the position to build a new existence!