04 October 2008

Kaleniya International Buddhist University

University projectThough the Manelwata Vihara temple in Kaleniya near Colombo comprises a big site, however it lies half in ruins.

After the elderly Ven. Dhamma Kitthi Thera, the late abbot of the Sangharaja Museum, Kandy, conveyed this temple as a gift to our founder Ven. Dr. Bodagama Chandima, the idea to establish a university at this site was soon born.

In order to provide better understanding among Buddhists of different traditions the Kaleniya International Buddhist University will differ from other Buddhist universities in Sri Lanka.

It will provide not only courses in Pali and Theravada Buddhism but also courses in Buddhist studies of other traditions.The fundraising measures for the establishment of the university have however been diverged to the tsunami relief project, because of the devastating situation caused by the Tsunami in the end of 2004.

Let's hope the Kaleniya International Buddhist University will be with our collective efforts the reality in the near future anyhow.