20 September 2009

Visit from ShaoLin Temple

On 23 August 2009, a group of Chinese delegates visited Manelwata Temple.

It includes the abbot of ShaoLin Temple, Dharma Master Yong Xin, and more than forty monks of ShaoLin Temple.

Pilgrimage Sept. 2009

Chairperson Wong of T.S.E.A. once vowed that when peace arrives, he would go to Sri Lanka to thank Buddha's blessing. Peace did arrive, so Chairperson Wong, age 76, took time off and paid a pilgrimage to Sri Lanka.

09 September 2009

Morakot Relief Activities

On 8 Aug 2009, typhoon Morakot devasted southern Taiwan, causing the loss of hundreds lives and properties.

T.S.E.A. has joined local NPOs in the reconstruction works. Many T.S.E.A. members also volunteered to help out in the post-storm cleaning work.