05 October 2008

Project Proposal:

Kaleniya International Buddhist University


Buddhism originated in India some 2,500 years ago and yet suffered severe destruction from the 11th century onward. Nowadays, Buddhism is mostly found outside of India.

Generally speaking, present Buddhism can be divided into two major traditions: the Theravada Pali tradition that is found in Sri Lanka and other southeast Asian countries and Mahayana tradition that is furtherer divided into the Chinese-literary tradition and Tibetan tradition.

It is the goal of Kaleniya International Buddhist University to bring different traditions together in order to promote inter-tradition dialogue, mutual understanding and share thoughts and spiritual practice.


  1. To advance academic study in Buddhism and to cultivate talents in Buddhist studies;

  2. To revive the bhikkhuni sangha in Sri Lanka and to improve the status of bhikkhuni around the world;

  3. To encourage educational activities and to apply Buddha-Dharma in the social-cultural works;

  4. To collect and preserve Buddhist texts, literature, arts, etc.;

  5. To support inter-traditions dialogue and academic exchange.

Proposed Programs

There will be long-term as well as short-term programs at the university. They are either diploma-intended or degree-intended programs. Postgraduate degrees will also be provided.

Site location

  1. Only 10 km. to the capital Colombo and 40 km to Bandaranaika International Airport.

  2. A total of 40 acres of site measure.

  3. The Lord Buddha visited Kaleniya.

stupa at the site of the university

the bodhi tree