25 July 2012

Alms-Giving Ceremony for bhikkhuni

It has been another auspicious day at Manelwatta Temple.

Beginning at 10 am, there was a ceremony for the inauguration of an  Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva shrine. Although Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was once popular in Sri Lanka, it was usually presented in a male image. The new Avalokiteshvara Boddhisattva shrine at Manelwatta Temple is presented in a Chinese, female image.

Around noon, an Alms-Giving Ceremony for Bhikkhunis, sponsored by Jiuhuashan Daxinshan Nunnery, took place. It is estimated that nearly 1,000 bhikkhunis attended the ceremony.

Following the Alms-Giving Ceremony for Bhikkhunis, a graduation ceremony for the second group of nun-students who had completed the training programme at Manelwatta Temple. Their dipomas were presented by the head bhikkhuni of Jiuhuashan Daxinshan Nunnery of Taiwan, who sponsored the training programme.

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