11 December 2011

Unduvap Poya Day Ceremony

The Full Moon Poya Day of Unduvap in the Buddhist year 2555, falls on December 10, 2011.
This particular day signifies the introduction of the Buddhist Order of nuns or Bhikkuni Sangha to Sri Lanka by the Arahath Therini Sangamitta, the daughter of Emperor Asoka of India 2318 years ago.
At Manelwatta Temple near Kelaniya, a special Poya Day ceremony took place on this special day. Although the Bhikkhuni Order disappeared in Sri Lanka around the 10th century, in the past two decades, efforts have been made to revive the sacred tradition. 
International Academy of Buddhist Studies has also made its efforts. On 13th November 2011, a training program for bhikkhunis was launched. 50 bhikkhunis joined the program which was to last for three months.

To commemorate Unduvap Poya Day, a special day for Buddhist women, the ceremony was held at Manelwatta Temple on 10th December 2011, with bhikkhunis leading the ceremony. The ceremony began at 6.00 am, eight hundred laywomen and laymen participated in the auspicious ceremony. 

All 50 bhikkhuni students participated in the Poya Day ceremony.

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