05 October 2010

first all Sri Lankan Buddhist Nuns' Maha Danaya

Twenty years ago, the very word 'bhikkhuni' was a taboo in Sri Lanka. But on 5 Oct 2010, the first all Sri Lankan Bhikkhuni Dana (alms-giving ceremony) took place in Manelwatta Temple, Bollegala.

The event was initiated by a Taiwan bhikkhuni sangha, Jiuhuashan. After cooperating on numerous charity  projects in Myanmar with T.S.E.A., the head nuns of Jiuhuashan expressed the wish to offer alms to all nuns, including bhikkhuni, in Sri Lanka. Ven. B. Chandima Thero gladly agreed to help and hence the first all Sri Lankan bhikkhuni dana at Manelwatta Temple.

The event took about three months and over 1000 volunteers to organize. All bhikkhuni in Sri Lanka, numbered about 1000, were invited to attended. Buddhist nuns of other status (e.g. dasi sila mata) were also invited. 3000 invitations were sent out and it is estimated that approximately 2,900 nuns turned out for the historical event. It was very successful.

Ven. B. Chandima Thero would like to express his gratitude to all the volunteers and donors who made the first all Sri Lankan bhikkhuni dana possible.

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