11 October 2009

Prayer for victims of typhoon Morakot

It has been more than two months since typhoon Morakot devastsated south Taiwan, casuing more than 600 deaths and $.4.7 billion USD damage.

More than $1 million N.T.D. has been raised by T.S.E.A. Although the exact details are still in discussion, it has been decided that T.S.E.A. will join charity groups based in south Taiwn in the reconstruction works.

Meanwhile, Ven. B. Chandima has never forgetten about the spiritual needs of the victims and wanted to offer more than financial relief.

On 10 October, Ven. B. Chandima, accompanied by three Sri Lankan bhikkhus, one Taiwanese bhikkhuni and 22 T.S.E.A. members from Taipei, traveled to the disaster zone in south Taiwan to hold a pirit (prayer) for the victims of typhoon Morakot.

With the help of a local Buddhist charity group, Miaofa Cishan Hui (wondrous dharma charity association) , the pirit was held in a local temple in the disaster zone.
The pirit was chanted in Pali and lasted for more than two hours. Local Buddhists also came to join the event. For many of them, it was the first time that they heard Buddhist chanting in Pali.

In the sermon after the pirit, Ven. B. Chandima reminded people the importance of compassion. With compassion, many obstacles can be overcome. Even though the victims of typhoon Morakot may not be Buddhist or understood Pali, as long as the prayer was chanted with compassion and sincerity, the wondrous merit created by the pirit would still reach them.